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What is Radio Redux? 

Radio Redux is a Eugene theater troupe that authentically recreates shows heard on the radio during the Golden Age of Radio (1935-60)—shows like “War of the Worlds,” “The Lone Ranger,” “Lux Radio Theater.” Plus, our shows include classic commercials from the era (remember sending in your box tops for a decoder ring, or even a live monkey?).


What is a Radio Redux show like?

Imagine a troupe of actors broadcasting a show in a radio station studio before a live audience. We are the actors; you are the audience. Close your eyes and envision horses racing through an Old West town, a mad scientist’s lab with gurgling test tubes, a detective bursting through a door onto a fresh crime scene. Open your eyes and see how we do it.


How does Radio Redux compare to other theatrical presentations?

We tell our story mainly through words and sounds. You use your imagination to “see” the action  unfold. A very different kind of experience.


Are there live sound effects?

Are there ever! You name it, we make it. A hurricane from wind machines, a squall at sea, footsteps on snow, tires squealing, trees falling, space aliens emerging. We even have a microphone that looks like a curious electrical outlet but sounds like a scratchy telephone call. You’ll see sounds like this, live on stage.


Is there action?

The actors dress like they live in the 1940s, interact with each other, walk around the stage, gesture and otherwise provide plenty of physical action to keep audiences engaged, in suspense, in stitches.


Will I be bored?

Not on your life. No one could get bored listening to a riveting tale told by expert actors! We’ve even had people say Radio Redux season tickets were now part of their annual Bucket List.


Can children come?

Of course! Introduce them to the wonderful world of live radio storytelling. It’s good clean fun (emphasis on “clean”).


How long are the shows?

Most shows run about 90 minutes, including intermission. Everybody can handle that.


Is it expensive?

Not on your life. We set our prices low so everybody can come. We won’t empty your wallet.


Are the shows sold out?

We aren’t always sold out but we often are at capacity, so buy your tickets now. The early bird gets the best seats.


Can I hear the show okay?

Radio Redux “broadcasts” through microphones and speakers, so every seat is a great one. If you need it  louder, the Hult Center has assisted listening devices.


Where can I park?

Hult Center has an adjacent parking garage, another across the street and plenty of street parking.


Is there a concession stand?

Food and drink is sold in the lobby; drinks can be taken into the theater.


Is the show broadcast on the radio?

No. Sorry. You have to be present to experience us. Attending is where the fun is. But you can find snippets of our shows at to whet your appetite.


How can I audition?

Because Radio Redux is a repertory theater company, we use the same body of actors for our shows. However, if you would like to be called in case we do hold an audition, then please email us with your contact information, plus a bio, photo, and voice tracks if you have them. Contact us at





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